Brian, about 32

My Husband, The Late Brian Taylor

Michele Pregnant with first child, Belle
Michele Pregnant with first child, Belle 1989

This is the first of many  blogs I plan to write about my late husband, the sculptor Brian Taylor.

First to thank the friends and family who have supported myself and our children since Brian passed away.

We want to celebrate his life through his exceptional artwork and with the great support we have already received, this is proving to be a very positive and exciting experience.

Thank you also to the collectors who have already come on board. Without their support at this early stage of building Brian’s reputation, we would have had a much steeper hill to climb. With ¬†their appreciation and love of Brian’s work we are on our way to doing him the justice he deserves.

Brian worked hard in the studio all of the time I knew him, so the work you see on this new site, is not all, by far of the works he made. His studio needs renovation and with this come the exciting discoveries of new pieces, many made before I knew him.

So I will keep you posted in my regular blogs with stories about his past and future exhibitions.

Michele Franklin